Stuart of Bute Tartan  

Bestselling book of the 18th and 19th centuries



Table of Fraktur alphabet

Roman Fraktur Script
Aa Aa Aa
Bb Bb Bb
Cc Cc Cc
Dd Dd Dd
Ee Ee Ee
Ff Ff Ff
Gg Gg Gg
Hh Hh Hh
Ii Ii Ii
Jj Jj Jj
Kk Kk Kk
Ll Ll Ll
Mm Mm Mm
Nn Nn Nn
Oo Oo Oo
Pp Pp Pp
Qq Qq Qq
Rr Rr Rr
Sſs Sſs Sſs
Tt Tt Tt
Uu Uu Uu
Vv Vv Vv
Ww Ww Ww
Xx Xx Xx
Yy Yy Yy
Zz Zz Zz
sz ß sz
tz tz, tʒ tz
ß ß ß

Fraktur is one of several Black Letter (Gothic) forms including textur, rotunda, and schwabacher. They are best distinguished by examing the lower-case letter "o". Recommended for titles but only use capitals on first letter. Commonly used in Germany and Scandinavia until recently.

Distinghuishing Blackletter forms by letter o


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