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Thomas Griffiths Wainewright

Also known as the Strychnine murderer was the grandson of Dr. Ralph Griffiths. He lived with his grandfather until Dr. Ralph Griffiths' death in 1803.

Execution of Jemmy Dawson

WARNING This is an extremely graphic account of how the "Manchester Rebels" were hung, drawn and quartered.

Ballad of Jemmy Dawson

A very poignant ballad about Captain James "Jemmy" Dawson and his unfortunate betrothed who fainted and passed away at the execution written by William Shenstone.

This was repudiated by Rev. Robert Forbes, M.A. Bishop of Ross and Caithness in The Lyon in Mourning, Volume I, p241 - Edinburgh 1746

Upon a young lady1, who died on seeing her lover, Jemmy Dawson2, executed on the 30th of July 1746.

  • As the fair martyr her dear lover saw
  • Lie the pale victim of inhuman law,
  • His gen'rous blood distilling all around,
  • And life, swift ebbing, thro' each crimson wound;
  • It seemed as if from mortal passion freed
  • She blest his death, for honour doom'd to bleed.
  • But when, high-raised she saw the panting heart,
  • Now let thy handmaid, Heav'n! she cried, depart.
  • Be Judge,O Thou, whose ballance sways above!
  • Receive our souls to pardon and to love!
  • At once she burst the feeble bonds of clay,
  • And her free soul, exulting, springs away.
  • To endless bliss, they issue, out of pain.
  • One moment separates, and joins again

Bishop Forbes Lyon in Mourning

The Manchester Rebels of the Fatal '45 By William Harrison Ainsworth

Book V page 270 Jemmy Dawson

In the historical romantic novel Jemmy Dawson was engaged to Monica Butler. His letter to Monica is on page 316.

advise him to retire to his country seat till this storm has blown over It may possibly fall on some heads I shall not fail to profit by your royal highness's advice replied Sir Conway bowing deeply Profound obeisances were then made by all the party and they were about to depart when the duke said in a low tone to Constance I depend upon yon to maintain your cousin in his present disposition Gro back to Rawcliffe Hall Alas she rejoined I would obey your royal highness but I cannot leave just now My cousin Miss Butler is betrothed to Captain Dawson of the Manchester Regiment I must remain with her Better not rejoined the duke in an altered tone But as you will Twill be vain to plead to me again I can do nothing more Colonel Conway here interposed and taking her hand led her towards the door Say not a word more he whispered or yon will undo all the good that has been done The party then quitted Cumberland House and returned to the St James's Hotel Needless to say they all felt happy the happiest of all being Sir Conway The Duke of Cumberland's injunctions were strictlr obeyed Next day the family coach was on its way back containing the whole party with the exception of po6r Monica who would not return but was left behind with Lettice Three days afterwards the Duke of Cumberland attended by Colonel Conway proceeded to Scotland where the decisive battle of Culloden was fought OF THE FATAL 45 341


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