Bar due Ruote closeup Bar due Ruote Beggar Boats Canal junction Carnival accessories Carnival hats Charlie Chaplin Church tower Copper and Silver mimes Copper roof Corner on the Grand Canal Damn pigeons Dave at the restaurant on top of the World Dave at the top of the World Dave on top of the World Dave taking pictures of them taking pictures of me Dolomites Footbridge Gondola Gondolas in narrow canal Gondolas Gondolier Grand Canal market Grand Canal stop Grand Canal Grand Canal2 Grand Canal3 Grand Canal4 Leonardo da Vinci Lovely and Nice building Market crowd No Entry Paco in San Marcos square Paco in the Alley Paolo Sarpi Pietro Paleocapa Pigeons Ponte dell Accademia and copper roof Ponte dell Accademia detail Pretty building Rialto bridge Gondolier Rialto bridge Gondoliers Rialto bridge River Taxi Rooftops Salviati Side canal bridge Side canal Side canal2 Side canal3 Side street Sketching Slow narrow canal ahead The Gang Traghetto Ferrovia Traghetto San Toma Tramp in the Park Trattoria Vaporetti Vaporetto stop Venice watercolor Walking from Bus to train station Wooden boat Wooden boats